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  • “ He is a monster player who deserves his success from hard work and a God-given talent.” - Steve Lukather

  • “ He plays so effortlessly and makes it look so easy, but what is coming out is truly innovative.” - Keith Carlock

  • “ He pushes the envelope, but it is intriguingly palatable. It is pleasing to listen to him play, because you get taken somewhere that is not typical.” - Eric Johnson

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”It’s jazz. It just doesn’t sound like it.” - Oz Noy

Oz Noy is one of the most prolific guitarists of his generation. His distinctive musical voice is instantly recognizable and has lead him to collaborate with numerous musical icons while forging an impressive catalogue of artistic output.

  • “His magic lies in using an encyclopedic knowledge of harmony and prodigious technique to create complexity that makes his music more than just your standard blues- funk outing.” - Guitar Player Magazine

  • “Every now and then, you come across a guitarist who has the full deck of virtues: a player who has great feel, but articulates assertively and precisely; who has great creativity, but also the theoretical grasp to give structure and clarity to improvisations. They’re rare, but Oz Noy is such a one.” - Music Radar

  • “Oz Noy is that rare electric guitar player with full command of jazz harmony, mastery of pure and effected tones and an absolutely devastating sense of groove. He is renowned as a Strat cat with an unusual ability to utilize otherworldly effects in a sophisticated musical context.” - Guitar Player Magazine

  • One of the most original and revered guitar players to emerge from the New York City scene in recent years, Israel-born Oz Noy fuses funk, rock, bop and the blues to fine effect.” - Jazz Journal